The Mayhem Returns!

Tiny Mayhem is a contemporary performance series produced in partnership with NHTP Company Artist Emily Karel. Originally produced at the Red Door, in Portsmouth NH in the summer of 2015, the events are an eclectic assortment of theatre, dance, music and drinks curated to create a one-of-a-kind night. 

As well as being a night for audiences to experience something a little different, Tiny Mayhem helps makers in all disciplines, find collaborators and space to explore new performative work. The evening of short performances will be presented online.

Tiny Mayhem has found a new home at New Hampshire Theatre Project and it’s first event will take place on Friday, December 11th at 8pm. Check out this link to purchase tickets!

The line up includes:

NUT FREE: a short play by Amy Desrosiers with Katie Juster, Brett Reis & Kathleen Somssich
HARD TIMES: dance film by Anthony Bounphakhom & Sarah Duclos
HARD LESSONS: a short play by Adam LaFramboise with Katie Gall
TIME IS NOT: animation by Sam Paolini with Sylvea Suydam & Andrew Paolini
THE NOSE: a monologue by Stephanie Lazenby
GRAVITY OF NOW: poetry by Mike Nelson with animation by Catherine Stewart
IF UP’S THE WORD: music by Jonny Peiffer, Zach Lange, and Mike Effenberger, words by e.e.cummings. 

And special guest host Michael Towle as Clive Tenderly. You may remember Michael as Sir Guy in SHERWOOD: The Adventures of Robin Hood during our 2019 – 2020 MainStage Season. 

The showcase of new performance work by emerging and established makers will include NHTP Company Artists and individuals selected from an Open Call for Work.  The Open Call runs October 14th through May 2nd 11.59pm  (EST). Please submit your work through this form.  If you have questions about your submission, or the Tiny Mayhem please contact NHTP’s Artistic Director, Catherine Stewart through this link. 

Tiny Mayhem will occur throughout the year, with dates scheduled February 12 (Theme: Date Night), April 23 (Theme: Odd One Out)  and June 11, 2021 (Theme: Did I Say That?).

Tiny Mayhem is part of New Hampshire Theatre Projects’s 2020 – 2021 Season, which includes brand new one-person shows as part of SoloStage, virtual playreadings, and the premiere of our new devised play We Don’t Know What This Is Yet. Check out the rest of our season for information about purchasing tickets and ways to get involved!

Next Show – AUGUST 11TH

Ever wanted to join the Circus..?

Step out of reality and into the House of Mirrors as our Ringmaster guides you through an evening of theatre, dance, music and a tiny bit of mayhem. But be warned, all is hardly ever as it seems at the Circus. What is hiding behind your mask?

Come be a part of our last event of the spring/summer season! Featuring Teddi Kenick-Bailey, Mike Nelson, Hio Ridge Dance, Sarah Duclos of Neoteric Dance Collaborative, Dan Beaulieu of Seven Stages Shakespeare Company, Cora Paradiso, Emily Karel, and much much more!

CJ Lewis will also be again leading The Tiny Mayhem House Band!

Tiny Mayhem is Coming…

Tiny Mayhem will return to The Red Door, 107 State Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 on Tuesday, June 9th with more contemporary works of theatre, art and dance at 8pm, doors at 7.30pm.

Tiny Mayhem is a new series workshops, interventions and events created to help makers, in all disciplines, find collaborators and space to explore new performative work. The evening of short performances are free and open to the public, held on the second Tuesday in April, June and August they showcase new performance work by emerging and established makers. Tiny Mayhem’s first season will run throughout the Summer of 2015.

Who is performing in June – we’ll we will be telling you soon! (Or you can check out FACEBOOK)


In case you don’t follow us on Instragram, here’s the skinny:

Due to a scheduling conflict at The Red Door, Tiny Mayhem’s May show has been cancelled..

The extra weeks have given us time to reflect on where Tiny Mayhem is going, what Tiny Mayhem is. This lead to some adventures, those lead to some pictures. Find the body of them on our Instagram, but here are some faves:


(Justin’s afraid of heights — so we took him to the top of the Prudential)


(Can an organized body of peaceful people be Tiny Mayhem too?)


(This fire hydrant — stopping forest fires in their tracks.)


Make Your Own Mayhem!

Here’s the scene: Tomorrow night’s drawing to an end, you’ve just had your face melted off by some deep, dark, penetrating theater. Then you realize, “Oh no! I have to wait another month to experience this again!”

This is mostly true, and there’s not a ton we can do to help you. Except .. that the nice people at The Red Door made us cocktails, and let us post the recipes online! Now you can  at least drink like you’re at Tiny Mayhem, and maybe even think of a play that you want to put on yourself with us!

THE Tiny Mayhem (cocktail)



and the Odd One Out!



Be on the look out for 5 more drinks coming out in our honor, and another blog post about our partnership with The Red Door soon!

See you all tomorrow at 8!

I am a dramaturg

That’s what we do! When we do it, we do it nicely.

As part of the Tiny Mayhem process, sometimes writers need our help to bring their ideas to the page, or the page to the stage. That’s where the dramaturg in us steps in. We offer literary management to all budding, emerging and established writers.  We offer criticism, guidance, support and a kick up the butt, if it is necessary.

And sometimes it IS necessary.

We’ve been helping new playwright, Lauren Garza explore the world of social media, millennial living and Kendall Jenner (we had to Google who that was, it made us feel old.) You can see the premiere of Lauren’s work, What Happens to the Future Orphans, at Tiny Mayhem on April 14th! She’ll be there to chat about the process too.

Do you need a dramaturg? If so, look no further.

Afraid of the Doggies

Tiny Mayhem’s creator, Catherine Stewart, talks about the making of DUST which will be performed during the April 14th event.

I’m walking to a Tiny Mayhem production meeting at Book & Bar and I know that Justin, Cora and Emily are waiting for me. There’s a point on State Street where it crests, and before I get there I can’t see the other side.  I’m walking on the pavement because the sidewalk snow is compacted and treacherous.  I’m watching for cars.

In my hand I have a small metal tin, that once housed Twinnings Tea. English Breakfast.  In it are the pins and needles that Cora needs for our Season One marketing photo shoot. The tin is a little slippy in my mitten-ed hands.

Over the crest comes a dalmatian.  Before I moved to the US I was petrified of dogs.  A few hairy childhood incidents have left their mark.  I’ve found myself having to battle my canine conumdrum since so many friends, and Americans in general, have dogs.  My first reaction however was the spike of fear in my stomach, and the tin almost went flying.

By the time I made it to Book & Bar, the monologue DUST had been mentally written and I am delighted to have it performed by my Tiny Mayhem co-creator Emily Karel.  From the simplest of moments, a story can arise.