Dangerous Waters

The Making of The Posters for Tiny Mayhem

Let’s walk through how our striking posters (soon to be up everywhere) came to be. See the first one at the bottom of this post!

Step 1:  Lots of Meetings

Before Tiny Mayhem, much of the gang hadn’t met or worked together. That means we had to meet a lot to make up for it.



(note the stain in the upper right, made during a dinner meeting at Street in Portsmouth)

We knew there would be body paint early on. More on what the “other” event is in the coming weeks! We also knew we wanted engaging and interesting art & photography to be a part of the Tiny Mayhem experience, even outside of performances.

From there the idea to do the 6 different shots came to be.

Step 2: Mock It Up!

Then we drew that shizz! Will there be a bomb in an upcoming Tiny Mayhem poster? You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled!!


Special Note: At some point in here we made Tiny Mayhem’s logo.


Photo of and by the lovely Cora Paradiso. (www.fermaphoto.tumblr.com)

Step 3: Paint & Shoot

Here is Justin’s paint station at Bill Truslow Photography (http://www.truslowphoto.com/) in Portsmouth.  He maintains that it was all really hard work painting people all day. Fun fact: red, black & yellow go on like champs. Blue, purple and pink, a bit trickier.



Step 4: Distribute Everywhere!

This step is the one we’re still on. In the meantime..


Big thanks to our model, Roni Reino!! (http://www.ronireino.com/)


Check back to see how the rest of the shoot and posters came out!