I am a dramaturg

That’s what we do! When we do it, we do it nicely.

As part of the Tiny Mayhem process, sometimes writers need our help to bring their ideas to the page, or the page to the stage. That’s where the dramaturg in us steps in. We offer literary management to all budding, emerging and established writers. ¬†We offer criticism, guidance, support and a kick up the butt, if it is necessary.

And sometimes it IS necessary.

We’ve been helping new playwright, Lauren Garza explore the world of social media, millennial living and Kendall Jenner (we had to Google who that was, it made us feel old.) You can see the premiere of Lauren’s work, What Happens to the Future Orphans, at Tiny Mayhem on April 14th! She’ll be there to chat about the process too.

Do you need a dramaturg? If so, look no further.