Afraid of the Doggies

Tiny Mayhem’s creator, Catherine Stewart, talks about the making of DUST which will be performed during the April 14th event.

I’m walking to a Tiny Mayhem production meeting at Book & Bar and I know that Justin, Cora and Emily are waiting for me. There’s a point on State Street where it crests, and before I get there I can’t see the other side.  I’m walking on the pavement because the sidewalk snow is compacted and treacherous.  I’m watching for cars.

In my hand I have a small metal tin, that once housed Twinnings Tea. English Breakfast.  In it are the pins and needles that Cora needs for our Season One marketing photo shoot. The tin is a little slippy in my mitten-ed hands.

Over the crest comes a dalmatian.  Before I moved to the US I was petrified of dogs.  A few hairy childhood incidents have left their mark.  I’ve found myself having to battle my canine conumdrum since so many friends, and Americans in general, have dogs.  My first reaction however was the spike of fear in my stomach, and the tin almost went flying.

By the time I made it to Book & Bar, the monologue DUST had been mentally written and I am delighted to have it performed by my Tiny Mayhem co-creator Emily Karel.  From the simplest of moments, a story can arise.